Every now and then something will happen that makes me immensely proud to call Australia home. In this case it’s courtesy of a TV show here called ‘Adam Hills in Gordon St Tonight’.

Adam Hills, an Australian comedian who hosts the show, started off the idea of a mass gay wedding in January when he asked the audience what they would change if they were Prime Minister for a day. The majority of the audience said it would legalise same sex marriage and one audience member then proposed to her girlfriend on the show.

Hills then said he would throw a same-sex TV wedding for the couple and opened it up to couples from around the country.

41 couples ended up getting involved and although the wedding wasn’t legally recognised it was a really great opportunity for the couples, and it has certainly got people talking and thinking differently about gay marriage in Australia.

It makes me proud to see how much people are getting behind this and the supportive comments showing up in regard to gay marriage.

Oh, and there was even a video message from Stephen Fry.

And here’s the video of the wedding if anyone wants to watch it:

Here’s hoping the Australian government will take note of how supportive the Australian people are of this and finally legalise gay marriage.