I have another show to rave about…New Girl.

I watched the first episode on TV when it first came out over here, thought it was over-the-top, and didn’t watch again, but this weekend I needed something light and fun to lift me up so I thought i’d give it another shot, and I got hooked.

I watched the whole first 19 episodes in one sitting, I just couldn’t get enough and I think this is going to be a go-to for when I need that lift. It’s like a good Crusie book but in TV format.

I love Jess, mainly because there is so much about her that makes me go ‘OMG that’s me!’ and I absolutely love the sense of community in the show, they’ve all got each others backs no matter what. There also has not been an episode yet where I haven’t laughed out loud.

So, if you need a show to cheer you up i’m recommending this one.