I don’t really have anything in particular to post about this week so I thought i’d do a ‘general update on my life’ type post.

In the relationship area, we are still working towards the split which is stressful and crazy, but I have managed to let go of all guilt, whatever has happened, is happening or will happen to Dave is a result of his own choices, not mine, and the only person I should really be worrying about is me. So, I am now looking at purchasing basic necessities such as a bed, fridge, washing machine etc.

I am also shopping around for a new car at the moment, I am looking at buying a Toyota Corolla and i’m going to trade in my current car, so my next post may just involve an image of a sparkly new car 🙂

My cat has been missing for 2 weeks, I think he’s probably dead although I did have a dream last night that he came home…a sign perhaps? It’s kinda strange because within the last 2 weeks I know of 3 other cats that have gone missing and all of them are not normally the type to go anywhere.

To end this post on a lighter note, I had a great weekend hanging out with my mum and here’s a photo to prove it: