First the fun stuff…

I did end up buying a car on the weekend. It is a Toyota Corolla and it’s brand new, as in built specially for me brand new. So excited! It is also metallic blue which just makes it extra cool. I’ll post a photo once I pick it up this weekend.

I also received in the mail my first pair of Converse sneakers. I’ve wanted a pair of these for ages but wasn’t willing to fork out the $90 and anytime they were on sale they were never in my size…until now.

Ok, now onto the funny. The lovely London Mabel sent me an email a couple of days ago letting me know that Kath & Kim, the Australian comedy TV series which I’ve mentioned somewhere previously, has now been uploaded by someone onto YouTube. So now all my awesome friends across the sea can experience the wonder that is Kath & Kim. Enjoy.