Last week I picked up my new car. This is my first ever ‘new’ car and I am absolutely, madly, deeply in love.

I’m a person who likes to name my cars, they have personalities and when you spend so much time with them, travelling with them, shopping with them, I figure they deserve a name? Right?

I have decided to name this car Betty, she just feels like a Betty kind of car. Here are some photos of the new girl.

Aint she sexy?

For our first big trip together we went to Ballarat (an old gold-mining town in Victoria) where I spent a night and had an amazing breakfast at a (very popular) cafe called L’espresso, I was greeted by the most monstrously large Rottweiler i’ve ever seen, and of course he was a big softy. We then went on to Clunes for their Booktown event. Basically the whole town turns into a book town, every store becomes a book store, and the assortment was incredible…varying from 50c cheapies to first edition copies worth $350, they also had a brass band and horse-drawn cart rides. In addition, the town itself is absolutely gorgeous, lots of old buildings, autumn trees and an old stone bridge crossing a creek.

It really was a great event, here’s a link to their website if you want to have a looksy:

After all that excitement it was time to head home with all my goodies, which included two new scarves and a beanie, some boiled lollies and of course a few bags of books.

All in all it’s been a great week 🙂

How was yours?