For a while now i’ve been thinking about going back to school, I had originally planned on doing part time study to do my Librarian course but I have since realised that this probably isn’t my best option…I need to be thinking bigger.

Firstly, I know that I would be better off studying full time if i’m going to do it, I always loved school except my last year where I did terrible mainly because of bad course choices and personal issues that made it hard to stay focused, and I know now that I don’t have the self discipline to keep myself on track with part-time study. Secondly, while a Librarian course would be great and something I would enjoy, it’s very narrow, what if I spend all this time completing this course and then can’t get a job as a librarian…bit of a waste.

So, it was suggested to me that I should maybe think about going to University and doing a Bachelor of Arts. I always thought that arts would be arty stuff like painting and poetry so it never even occurred to me to do something like this, turns out I was wrong and looking into it I really think this would be a great choice for me, there are so many subjects to choose from and a lot of them are subjects that really interest me.

I have been doing some research into the course and Universities offering it with the aim of maybe starting next year, but I have now been told by my boss that my role will again be changing soon and will involve things that she knows I won’t like very much so basically if I want to go to Uni full time…now is the time to do it.

So now i’m stuck, I know this is definitely what I should do but how the hell do you go about choosing a University? While i’m glad that I didn’t go to Uni straight out of school because i’m now much more aware of what I like and don’t like and how to study the best way for me, looking at all this stuff while in school just seemed so much easier and less stressful, you had school coordinators to help you and now i’m on my own trying to understand something I have no clue about.

Now I wonder, where do I go? Do I pick a Uni close to where I live or just make a huge change and move away to study? How to you choose the right Uni for you? Should I choose city or country? Should I try for a mid-year intake or maybe just get a new job to tide me over until next year and start then?

I have some big decisions to make and i’m terrified and nervous at the same time. Any pointers?