I have officially taken the first step on my path to dirt-poor, University student life. In this case my first step has taken the form of 3 hours worth of multiple choice questions and two essays.

The really awesome thing? I actually enjoyed it! My brain didn’t do it’s usual dirty trick of wiping the board completely clean and leaving me with nothing, it kept functioning at it’s normal capacity and I think I may have felt it do a little jig at the opportunity to do some real figuring out, to be challenged.

I don’t know that I will have achieved top scores on the tests but I don’t think I did horribly either.

The whole experience was also improved by the cute guy that kept catching my eye and smiling at me from across the room. Cute guy attention can make any situation seem better 🙂

So now it’s time to take the next step…choosing which Universities to apply to. I have decided i’ll put through an application to the University of Melbourne, mainly because it’s the best one out there and I’m trying to make a point of aiming higher. I am also going to print out info on each of the other Universities and then hopefully narrow it down to 3 choices. I decided that my main selection criteria will be: location- I don’t want to have some epic journey just to get there, culture- this one i’ve learnt from high school, if you don’t ‘fit in’ it can make things hard, and options- I want a good range of subjects to choose from, I don’t want to be stuck doing something I don’t love just to go to a particular Uni.

I’ll keep you guys updated on how it’s all going 🙂