After being absent from my poor neglected blog for way too long, mainly due to the fact that i’ve had difficulty accessing it, I am now back and very excited to share that this is my third week of being a full-time student!

Since I failed to get entry into Bachelor of Arts at Uni I am instead doing Liberal Arts at TAFE which after a year (if I can get a credit average) will then guarantee me entry into the Uni course. I’m actually really grateful that it has worked out this way because they are just so helpful at TAFE. They even have a subject that they enrol you in for free which is specifically to help you figure out your goals and make sure you can achieve them.

I come home of a Friday after 3 days of school and my brain is absolutely fried, and I am exhausted beyond belief, but after a nap and a coffee I realise how much I love this feeling. Knowing that the tiredness comes from being so challenged mentally is fantastic.

Also super excited because one of my teachers reminds me so much of the Betties.

In other news:

I’ve started doing a yoga class once a week which I am also loving, I haven’t experienced any other kind of ‘exercise’ that leaves me feeling so amazing at the end of it.

I haven’t been able to move out of the situation with the bf yet due to financial issues, however this weekend he starts a new job which will have him away interstate all week and only home Friday afternoon and Saturday, so not a total loss.

I’ve missed you all heaps and hopefully will have better access and more time now to be able to post and comment on your posts as well.