First essays are completed! I had a stress attack and worked myself up to the point of tears but I got it done. I haven’t got marks back yet but i’ve had feedback that at least one of them was ‘solid’…i’m assuming that solid is a good thing.

Still going to yoga although it’s on hold for school holidays at the moment.

And absolutely LOVING living alone (ok so technically it’s not really alone but it’s good enough for now). I knew that I wouldn’t have any problem living alone, but now I have solid proof of just how much it works for me. I’ve always been a bit of a loner so this situation suits me perfectly, I mean I love people and love being around people…but only for so long, I can handle so much before I need my alone time. So now I go home, walk my dogs, cook myself a nice meal and then either read a book or watch a movie. I enjoy leisurely bubble baths. I catch up with friends or family once a week for a movie, or lunch, or a yoga date.

On the downside my computer died and I’ve been ridiculously sick with the flu. I can’t actually remember ever being this sick before, I very rarely get sick and when I do it’s pretty mild and over quick but this one knocked me on my arse big time. I even passed out in the shower. All good now though and it’s kind of a cool story.

How have you guys been? I’ve missed you all.