I got my results back for my first essay…I got a distinction! I can’t even explain how happy I am, I was just praying for a pass 🙂

It was an argumentative essay about economics (something I knew absolutely nothing about until a few weeks ago) and I was worried about my ability to pick a side and stick with it, so this was a fantastic surprise. I just need to work on using words like ‘can’t’ and it’s’ and I need to figure our in-text referencing.

In other news, next week I turn 25. Quarter of a century people! While i’m excited, I’m more looking forward to 26…I feel like something good is going to happen at 26.

Since the bf is now away all during the week and all my friends live too far away I will be spending my birthday alone. I don’t mind being alone but I still want it to feel like a birthday So, I need to think of what I can do.

If you had your birthday alone and could do anything you wanted, what would you do?