I am finally starting to settle into the routine of my new life. Living back home with mum is taking some serious adjustment on both our parts, but I think we are doing ok. I am working three days a week at a boarding kennel which I am really enjoying although it barely pays enough for me to survive, and school is an absolute nightmare at the moment due to budget cuts (confirmed by all teachers and staff), but I am also adjusting to that as well.

I’ve got a nice even surface for my new tower and the foundation is starting to go down.

It was suggested by my boss when I left my old job that with my skills, likes and reasons for looking at Librarianship, that counselling would actually be a perfect career fit for me (something that has actually been suggested before but I ignored because how the hell could I be a counsellor) so I am looking into that…I seem to change my mind A LOT!, and in the same vein I have a meeting tomorrow to start the ball rolling on something i’ve been wanting to do for a few years now…becoming a volunteer youth mentor!

In other exciting news I have met a new man. Something I had totally not planned, in fact had decided to avoid for a period of time, and yet so unbelievably perfect that I spend most of the time feeling like a massive cliche.

So, all in all everything is going pretty well, I’ve survived the storm and come out the other side 🙂