Celebrations of the guy’s Birthday are now complete! Had his BBQ with friends last week and that was nice, I made twice baked potatoes, which were a huge hit, and made sociable with his friends.

Then this week (his actual birthday was this Thursday) was the surprise birthday trip to the zoo to see the Red Pandas…it couldn’t have gone better, weather was perfect, it was pretty quiet and as far as I can tell he had a great time. I almost got attacked by Emus…

1002959_10151517116377503_1655208645_n 1013698_10151517116132503_1121138684_n


What you can’t see in the second photo is the other Emu sneaking up from the side.

And he got to see his Red Panda…



I also lost my shit to an embarrassing degree when I saw a pygmy Hippo charging at nothing. For the guy’s sake i’m glad nobody was around to see.

In other news, still waiting (with crossed everything) to hear back about my Uni application and I have put in an expression of interest to volunteer with Lifeline, a phone crisis centre.

Still reading The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett, but also managed to find The Chronicles of Narnia second hand at a market for $7.50! I had this book when it first came out but then lost it when dad kicked me out, so I was very excited to find it so cheap.