Crap day at work today, not surprisingly. You know how some days you just KNOW that something is going to go wrong? That’s how I felt this morning.

Should finally find out tomorrow if I’ve gotten into my course or not.

Did my first bit of Christmas shopping today. Getting in extremely early, I know, but I’m usually a last minute girl when it comes to Christmas presents and this year I have extremely limited funds so I’ve decided to pick up bits and pieces where I can over the next few months…super organized this year!

The guy took me or for a fancy dinner at a winery the other week. They had multiple knives and forks! A first for me (and apparently not the last). Luckily I’ve seen Pretty Woman enough times to know I had to work from the outside in. Also met his friends from his volunteer organization, was a good night until his ex showed up just as we were leaving. She gave him crap about going so we ended up hanging around as a show of good faith, was a little awkward, especially since I’m pretty sure she was crying the first few minutes. But all in all an ok night and I think they liked me ok.

Also my Nan fell and broke her hip, she’s doing ok but it caused a heap of drama between my mum and her sisters. It’s amazing how people are never around until there’s a chance for brownie points.

Well that’s about it for now, will update when I hear about the course.

Currently reading- Agnes and the Hitman by Jenny Crusie and Bob Mayer…need me some lighthearted fun.