I have been an absolutely terrible blogger this year, but I’m not worried about it because the thing that has been keeping me from the internets is my fantastic new life.

Of course it’s not all perfect…i desperately want a different job, and living at home is driving me crazy, but at least I have a job and a place to stay.

But while this year has been wonderful, I think next year is going to be insanely fantastic! I will be starting my Social Work course at Uni, starting my volunteer mentoring with an at-risk youth, new job (I’m determined to get something in the new year) AND (fingers crossed) hopefully moving in with the man into our own place!

Which means…i probably won’t be doing a whole lot of blogging next year either. So, for anyone that wants to keep in touch I’m active on Facebook, Pinterest and email. I’m also going to try being more active in the comments of all your blogs again, but I won’t make any promises.

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and that 2014 is insanely fantastic for you too šŸ˜€