Went to the aquarium with the guy yesterday, while it wasn’t as big as I thought, it was a great day out, got to feed some fish, saw some super cute penguins and got a photo of me standing in a giant shark’s jaw.

Sent off my university application to do Bachelor of Social Work, so now crossing fingers that I get in, but I have a backup plan if that doesn’t happen.

Got the guy’s birthday BBQ next week and then his actual birthday the week after, for which I’m planning a picnic lunch at the zoo. He LOVES red pandas but has never seen one in real life so I think he should enjoy it 🙂

Also posting via mobile now, so hopefully more regular posts, although probably shorter.

Currently reading: The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett, i’ve decided to start at the first book and read them in order.


Love and Career

3 months today since I first met the guy. Honestly feels like so much longer than that, in the best possible way. Marked the occasion by keeping him company while he was sick with the flu. He was ridiculously grateful for the company…it’s so nice to have someone who appreciates the little things. I know it’s early, but I’m pretty sure I’ll end up marrying this guy.

In the middle of applying to do Bachelor of Social Work…fingers crossed that all goes well and I get accepted. There are a few things that I think will be in my favour…it’s a massive growth industry so they should be looking for people to do this course and i’m a mature age student, which usually goes down well.

While the job at the boarding kennel has been great I’m starting to look for something else that will allow more flexibility for school…I really want to be able to dedicate myself fully to this course and do well in it.

Currently reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern which I am enjoying.


Only two months left of my current course so i’ve started filling in an application to do Bachelor of Social Work at a different University come July/August which is exciting, fingers crossed that I get in.

Off to visit my grandparents next week, apparently they aren’t doing too well at the moment so  figure it’s probably a good time to go say hello.

I’ve decided to put off the youth mentor thing until a bit later in the year, once i’ve settled in a bit more and got more of a routine going.

Things are going good with the new guy, although he owes me after this weekend. He is involved as a volunteer with a local organisation which he absolutely loves, but unfortunately, as with all these sorts of organisations, there are politics involved and if you want to do well you need to play the games (I get this and i’m willing to do what I can to help him do well in the games). In his case this meant that he gave in to peer pressure a while ago and dated a fellow volunteer, they broke up, but because of the politics that come from them both being involved in the volunteering things aren’t working the way they usually do after a break up. So this weekend I went to stay at his place to go along to a friend’s engagement with him, which was great fun, but the same night was the ex’s 21st birthday which he was obliged to go to because of the volunteer thing, and I couldn’t go to because of the ex thing, so I had to hang out at his place alone while he and his friends went to this party. I know he felt really bad about it, and I know he had no choice, but it turns out i’m I’m a bit more vulnerable than I thought I was on this occasion and it left me feeling pretty crappy. I kinda feel as though I shouldn’t feel this way because my rational brain knows there’s no real reason for it, but my irrational heart doesn’t work like that, but given my decision to be more vulnerable this year i’m just going to allow myself to feel crappy for a bit. Sigh…the things we do…and won’t be doing again in any hurry lol.

The look on his face when he saw me dressed up for the engagement party also kinda helps make up for the crappiness hehe.

*Updated to add- he has also bought me a bunch of tulips and a block of my favourite chocolate.

Easter and Other Things

Easter weekend this year was wonderful, I worked some overtime in the lead up to it, which means extra money, and then the new man invited me to spend the weekend in Warrnambool with him and some friends. I got to see some of the Great Ocean Road, met some awesome people and enjoyed some delicious food. We also managed to stumble upon a place called ‘Martians Cafe’ which was bizarre but great…

…and I discovered a tumblr post the new man has written about me that is absolutely swoon-worthy *sigh*. All in all a great weekend 🙂

In other news I have a 15 min oral presentation coming up for school on inequality and whether the government should be doing more to reduce it, and today I am getting busy whipping up a couple of batches of banana bread, the thing I love about banana bread is that it is just SO simple…here’s the recipe:

Banana Bread


  • 3 mashed bananas
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup yoghurt
  • 1 cup plain flour
  • 1/2 cup self raising flour


Preheat oven to 180 C

Grease a loaf pan.

Combine banana, eggs, sugar, vanilla and yoghurt in a large bowl. Add flour and mix till combined.

Pour mixture into loaf pan and bake for 45-50 mins, or until a skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean.


Lastly, a little late…my photo with Keith Urban (notice his hand on my shoulder)


Settling In

I am finally starting to settle into the routine of my new life. Living back home with mum is taking some serious adjustment on both our parts, but I think we are doing ok. I am working three days a week at a boarding kennel which I am really enjoying although it barely pays enough for me to survive, and school is an absolute nightmare at the moment due to budget cuts (confirmed by all teachers and staff), but I am also adjusting to that as well.

I’ve got a nice even surface for my new tower and the foundation is starting to go down.

It was suggested by my boss when I left my old job that with my skills, likes and reasons for looking at Librarianship, that counselling would actually be a perfect career fit for me (something that has actually been suggested before but I ignored because how the hell could I be a counsellor) so I am looking into that…I seem to change my mind A LOT!, and in the same vein I have a meeting tomorrow to start the ball rolling on something i’ve been wanting to do for a few years now…becoming a volunteer youth mentor!

In other exciting news I have met a new man. Something I had totally not planned, in fact had decided to avoid for a period of time, and yet so unbelievably perfect that I spend most of the time feeling like a massive cliche.

So, all in all everything is going pretty well, I’ve survived the storm and come out the other side 🙂

Shooting Forward

So, just in case I didn’t have enough to deal with already, the Universe decided to add a broken car into the mix. On Saturday I stopped at a pedestrian crossing to let a kid on a bike cross and a 4WD promptly ran into the back of my car. Thankfully it was his fault so his insurance will pay for all the repairs, and the damage wasn’t too bad.

My friend decided that this was a sign to not get caught up in the problems and just keep moving forward…she sent me this:

Seems appropriate, no?

Going with the theme of looking forward to new beginnings and fresh starts I’m trying to think of what I want to do with this opportunity, what changes do I want to make?

I think the big thing will be taking more risks. It seems to me that to have great things in your life you need to take risks, you need to be vulnerable, and that’s something I need to work on…speaking of vulnerability, I saw this TED talk on the subject a few weeks ago, it’s an interesting watch. I definitely relate to the ‘perfect’ thing and I think too that I’ve learned that it’s not ok for me to be vulnerable. I had to get strong as a kid and since then any time I’ve had a vulnerable moment I’ve been reminded that I’m ‘the strong one’ and to ‘stay strong’ which I think has translated to ‘you’re not allowed to be vulnerable’. I probably need to work on unlearning this and realising that it’s ok to be vulnerable. I think blogging, and the Betties, is already helping with this because it provides an environment in which we can be vulnerable, air our greatest hopes and fears, at first with enough distance that any rejection doesn’t sting too much, and now knowing that we will be supported and encouraged.

Another thing that I will use this opportunity for is to reasses the things that make ME happy without any outside influences.

If you had a fresh start what changes would you make?

The Tower

Firstly, Keith Urban was amazing! I didn’t get to spend much time with him but I did get a hug and he is as gorgeous in real life as he seems…also the perfect combination of hard and soft 😉

In other news, I think we can officially call this phase of my life ‘The Tower’. Yep, I do believe I am currently being towered…ending of long-term relationship (check), change of home (check), and now instead of leaving my job i’ve been retrenched and a guy i’ve been casually dating who I quite like has told me that given my current circumstances (moving) he doesn’t think we should continue seeing each other…think that covers all the bases of a good towering. While at first it just felt like the tower was wobbling a bit, in the last few days I have felt  it come crashing to the ground.

Suffice to say i’m feeling pretty vulnerable at the moment. Luckily I go back to school soon because having that spare time with nothing to keep me out of my head has not been good for me and i’ve been starting to feel a bit depressed over it all.

Don’t you just love a cheery post? lol

But it’s not all doom and gloom, as much as I am feeling pretty miserable at the moment there is still the glimmer of hope there. The knowledge that this is actually an amazing opportunity…the chance to build a new tower that is more suited to the person I have become over the last few years, so i’m just going to try and concentrate on that as much as possible.

And to make sure we end on a happy note, here’s a pic of Keith…man I love that smile.