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Celebrations of the guy’s Birthday are now complete! Had his BBQ with friends last week and that was nice, I made twice baked potatoes, which were a huge hit, and made sociable with his friends.

Then this week (his actual birthday was this Thursday) was the surprise birthday trip to the zoo to see the Red Pandas…it couldn’t have gone better, weather was perfect, it was pretty quiet and as far as I can tell he had a great time. I almost got attacked by Emus…

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What you can’t see in the second photo is the other Emu sneaking up from the side.

And he got to see his Red Panda…



I also lost my shit to an embarrassing degree when I saw a pygmy Hippo charging at nothing. For the guy’s sake i’m glad nobody was around to see.

In other news, still waiting (with crossed everything) to hear back about my Uni application and I have put in an expression of interest to volunteer with Lifeline, a phone crisis centre.

Still reading The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett, but also managed to find The Chronicles of Narnia second hand at a market for $7.50! I had this book when it first came out but then lost it when dad kicked me out, so I was very excited to find it so cheap.



Went to the aquarium with the guy yesterday, while it wasn’t as big as I thought, it was a great day out, got to feed some fish, saw some super cute penguins and got a photo of me standing in a giant shark’s jaw.

Sent off my university application to do Bachelor of Social Work, so now crossing fingers that I get in, but I have a backup plan if that doesn’t happen.

Got the guy’s birthday BBQ next week and then his actual birthday the week after, for which I’m planning a picnic lunch at the zoo. He LOVES red pandas but has never seen one in real life so I think he should enjoy it 🙂

Also posting via mobile now, so hopefully more regular posts, although probably shorter.

Currently reading: The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett, i’ve decided to start at the first book and read them in order.

This week I will be playing the voice for my fellow classmates. We have one teacher for three of our subjects who is honestly completely useless. She’s always seriously un-organised, turns up 30mins late to classes and is completely unable to give clear direction. This is creating a lot of stress and confusion for me, and also everyone else in the class, though they seem to be willing to just work around it. I think this is where my having a few years in a work environment is coming in handy because, while everyone else views her as a teacher and so feel that they can’t do anything, I see her as someone who is there to do a job and at the moment she isn’t doing that to a satisfactory level. We are paying her to teach us but she doesn’t seem to be able to do that. If it was any other job she wouldn’t even be there any more. So, I am taking matters to hand and will be speaking to the head of department this week.

Now, on to happier things. It’s only two more sleeps till my birthday!! I have decided that I am going to get some yummy chinese takeaway, my favourite lemon tarts from the bakery, a good DVD and an alcoholic beverage and then go home and enjoy turning 25.

Also, exactly 7 years after getting my first tattoo I have finally decided what my second will be. It’s going to be on my ribs, just below where my bra sits and it will say:

Braver. Stronger. Smarter.

Which is a shortened of the Winnie the Pooh quote:

Always remember, you’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.

I absolutely love this line. It’s something I always remind myself of when I feel like I am not up to a task, so I think having it inked into my skin is the perfect way to keep that reminder. And I think this is what tattoos are really supposed to be about, it has taken me 7 years to figure out what I wanted but I know that this is absolutely perfect and, like my existing tattoo, I won’t be regretting it in another 7 years.

If you had to choose a quote or saying to have tattooed on you, what would it be?

I got my results back for my first essay…I got a distinction! I can’t even explain how happy I am, I was just praying for a pass 🙂

It was an argumentative essay about economics (something I knew absolutely nothing about until a few weeks ago) and I was worried about my ability to pick a side and stick with it, so this was a fantastic surprise. I just need to work on using words like ‘can’t’ and it’s’ and I need to figure our in-text referencing.

In other news, next week I turn 25. Quarter of a century people! While i’m excited, I’m more looking forward to 26…I feel like something good is going to happen at 26.

Since the bf is now away all during the week and all my friends live too far away I will be spending my birthday alone. I don’t mind being alone but I still want it to feel like a birthday So, I need to think of what I can do.

If you had your birthday alone and could do anything you wanted, what would you do?