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I have successfully passed all subjects for my Cert IV Liberal Arts!! And with WAY better grades than I ever expected I’d get…turns out I’m smarter than I give myself credit for.

Haven’t heard back about the Social Work course yet, but now that I’ve gotten good grades for my other course I might see if I can submit those as part of my application, might give me an edge.

Also picking up some extra hours at work, which is a massive bonus, means I can save up some money so I can move back out of hone again. While all is going ok living at home, I really miss being in my own place.

Things are still going excellently with the guy, he bought me a plush monster when I was sick and is generally amazing.

Currently reading- Lost and Found by Tom Winter…not what I’d usually go for, but I’m enjoying it, especially the character Albert.


I’m a bit late off the mark with my New Year post since we are now almost a whole month into the year! But I always am a little slow to get going 😛

I was very much absent from the blogging world in 2012, but hopefully that will change in 2013…so much else is. Firstly, after more than two years of being unhappy in my relationship, I have finally ended things. In two weeks time I will be moving back home with my mum, and while it is hard, and sad, I am hugely relieved. I feel like a massive weight has been lifted and I know i’ve made the right decision.

This move will also mean the search for a new job which is exciting, and since I will be saving some money by living at home (still a poor student though) I figured out that if i’m strict with my money I can have my car paid off in 3 years (that’s half the time it should take) and also have saved some money to be able to go overseas once I finish Uni! Then I can come back and get a kick-ass job in a library.

In other news, this Saturday I am going to see Keith Urban in concert (I cannot even begin to explain my love for this man) and…I get to meet him!