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I have successfully passed all subjects for my Cert IV Liberal Arts!! And with WAY better grades than I ever expected I’d get…turns out I’m smarter than I give myself credit for.

Haven’t heard back about the Social Work course yet, but now that I’ve gotten good grades for my other course I might see if I can submit those as part of my application, might give me an edge.

Also picking up some extra hours at work, which is a massive bonus, means I can save up some money so I can move back out of hone again. While all is going ok living at home, I really miss being in my own place.

Things are still going excellently with the guy, he bought me a plush monster when I was sick and is generally amazing.

Currently reading- Lost and Found by Tom Winter…not what I’d usually go for, but I’m enjoying it, especially the character Albert.


Went to the aquarium with the guy yesterday, while it wasn’t as big as I thought, it was a great day out, got to feed some fish, saw some super cute penguins and got a photo of me standing in a giant shark’s jaw.

Sent off my university application to do Bachelor of Social Work, so now crossing fingers that I get in, but I have a backup plan if that doesn’t happen.

Got the guy’s birthday BBQ next week and then his actual birthday the week after, for which I’m planning a picnic lunch at the zoo. He LOVES red pandas but has never seen one in real life so I think he should enjoy it 🙂

Also posting via mobile now, so hopefully more regular posts, although probably shorter.

Currently reading: The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett, i’ve decided to start at the first book and read them in order.

3 months today since I first met the guy. Honestly feels like so much longer than that, in the best possible way. Marked the occasion by keeping him company while he was sick with the flu. He was ridiculously grateful for the company…it’s so nice to have someone who appreciates the little things. I know it’s early, but I’m pretty sure I’ll end up marrying this guy.

In the middle of applying to do Bachelor of Social Work…fingers crossed that all goes well and I get accepted. There are a few things that I think will be in my favour…it’s a massive growth industry so they should be looking for people to do this course and i’m a mature age student, which usually goes down well.

While the job at the boarding kennel has been great I’m starting to look for something else that will allow more flexibility for school…I really want to be able to dedicate myself fully to this course and do well in it.

Currently reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern which I am enjoying.

Only two months left of my current course so i’ve started filling in an application to do Bachelor of Social Work at a different University come July/August which is exciting, fingers crossed that I get in.

Off to visit my grandparents next week, apparently they aren’t doing too well at the moment so  figure it’s probably a good time to go say hello.

I’ve decided to put off the youth mentor thing until a bit later in the year, once i’ve settled in a bit more and got more of a routine going.

Things are going good with the new guy, although he owes me after this weekend. He is involved as a volunteer with a local organisation which he absolutely loves, but unfortunately, as with all these sorts of organisations, there are politics involved and if you want to do well you need to play the games (I get this and i’m willing to do what I can to help him do well in the games). In his case this meant that he gave in to peer pressure a while ago and dated a fellow volunteer, they broke up, but because of the politics that come from them both being involved in the volunteering things aren’t working the way they usually do after a break up. So this weekend I went to stay at his place to go along to a friend’s engagement with him, which was great fun, but the same night was the ex’s 21st birthday which he was obliged to go to because of the volunteer thing, and I couldn’t go to because of the ex thing, so I had to hang out at his place alone while he and his friends went to this party. I know he felt really bad about it, and I know he had no choice, but it turns out i’m I’m a bit more vulnerable than I thought I was on this occasion and it left me feeling pretty crappy. I kinda feel as though I shouldn’t feel this way because my rational brain knows there’s no real reason for it, but my irrational heart doesn’t work like that, but given my decision to be more vulnerable this year i’m just going to allow myself to feel crappy for a bit. Sigh…the things we do…and won’t be doing again in any hurry lol.

The look on his face when he saw me dressed up for the engagement party also kinda helps make up for the crappiness hehe.

*Updated to add- he has also bought me a bunch of tulips and a block of my favourite chocolate.